Thursday, August 31, 2017

Hot Cheetos Vibez

The Anastasia Modern Renaissance eyeshadow palette has been a part of my daily makeup routine ever since the day I got it. It’s got the most delicious looking reds, pinks, and oranges that are bold yet surprisingly wearable (coming from someone who would don an extra blown out, smokey eye look on any occasion). One day, I somehow got inspired by the warm hues of the shades to create a look inspired by... Hot Cheetos and Makaroni Pedas. I guess this palette has really brought out the creative on me. Or maybe I’m just hungry at all times.

If you’ve read this post, then you’d know that Realgar is my most favorite shade from the palette. I just used it all over the lid for this look and blended out the edges using Burnt Orange. I wasn't feeling to line eyes the moment I created this look, so i just put 2 coats of mascara on both my upper and lower lashes.

As for the lips, I initially thought of using my beloved KVD Outlaw. It would make me look like the packaging of a Hot Cheetos, but somehow, I wasn't feeling it. I then slapped on my Miami Fever by Ofra x Kathleenlights instead and got pretty chuffed with the result. At this point, I was an actual Cheetos. I was feeling macaroni. Spicy macaroni.

If you've got the palette in your drawer, just bust it out and have a look at the shadows. Let the colors inspire you. Who knows? You might transform into a strawberry popsicle the next day.

Thursday, August 17, 2017

My 629th Mauve-ish Pink Lipstick

Make Up For Ever is one of the biggest makeup brands in the beauty industry. The brand makes some of the most cult classics, like the Ultra HD Foundation, Artist Eyeshadow Palettes, and the Skin Equalizer Primers. However, only a few people talk about the Artist Liquid Matte Lipsticks. I personally think this range deserves just as much hype!

This was my first ever MUFE product that I ever bought myself. I had visited my local Sephora before and dabbled my finger into some of their products, and every time I did so, I felt convinced with the superb quality of their offerings (once, I also had my makeup done by Adani using a product from MUFE which you can read here. It was so good!). But, Sephora Indonesia didn't carry the Artist Liquid Lipstick range, so I asked a friend to pick one up from me all the way from 🍁.

I got the shade 109 Praline. I’d say the color looks like a darker shade of MAC Soar, which I love love love. The packaging looks like an average cylindrical tube that is clear, so you can see the actual product color. It also comes with a doe foot applicator which is quite large to be glided over my small lips. I think there is a stopper on the ‘neck’ part of the tube, but I don't think it stops excessive product from coming out of the tube. So, my favorite way to apply the product is by swiping the applicator for 1 or 2 times, then dabbing the product all over my lips using my ring finger.

It has a creamy texture that dries down to a matte finish in less than 30 seconds. Also, it has that sweet cookie batter scent that is not overpowering. You won't smell it once it dries down on your lips. It reminds me a lot of the Kat Von D Everlasting Liquid Lipstick in that it’s got a matte finish but it’s non-drying and that it stays on for hours and hours. Keep in mind that greasy meals will remove the product, but when you reapply a thin layer over the remaining lipstick on your lips will fix the situation.

MUFE did it again with its brilliant quality product. Now, I think I've finally made up my mind to get the Aqua Lip Liner in 14C, which has been on my wishlist since 1992, along with the Make Over Intense Matte Lip Cream in shades, 4 (Vanity), 8 (Libertine), and 9 (Posh)...  #sendhelp #sendmoarmakeup

Thursday, July 6, 2017


When Anastasia Beverly Hills first released the Modern Renaissance Palette, it didn’t occur to me to get myself one because I thought I wouldn’t get much use out of the shades, especially the reddish ones. But then, I saw Jamie Paige made a YouTube video where she did a full face of makeup using the palette, which made me thought about how versatile the palette was. Also, I was captivated by Sharon Farrell, when she did three, jewel-toned eyeshadow looks with the same palette. And just like that, a sister got hooked. I had to have one.

I asked a friend whom went to Canada recently to pick one up for me. While waiting for my palette to arrive, I looked up for more makeup inspo on Pinterest, Instagram, and YouTube. Most of the looks that I discovered were not that exciting for me. Then, one day, Met Gala 2017 happened and Rihanna stunned everyone with her astonishing makeup--and not to mention, her dope outfit. Mariah Leonard then recreated Rihanna’s look and it was sooo pretty. I then got inspired and I was so gonna recreate that look too using the ABH Modern Renaissance palette!

The palette finally arrived and it was time to put my visions into life. I knew that one day I was gonna create a blog post about this product but I wouldn’t wanna feature a comprehensive review along with swatches of every single shadow because a million and one other bloggers/YouTubers had already done it.

I was very slap-n-dash when recreating this look and just mixed some of the shades without being too strategic about them. Love Letter was the main star of the show, but I also applied a bit of Buon Fresco on the crease just for a haze of mauve. I did incorporate the most beautiful burnt orange shade a.k.a. Realgar along my temples as well as Vermeer as my cheekbone highlight. I used the dual-ended brush which came in the palette and I think it did the job perfectly fine!

Those YouTubers were not lying when they said that these shadows gave a lot of powder kick-up! But they were really easy to blend and very, very pigmented, so a little did go a long way. I was not being light-handed when working with this palette and I kept re-dipping my brush into the shadows when I shouldn’t. As a result, instead of looking like Mariah, I looked like I just got beaten up. It was absolutely catastrophic, to say the least.

I hated the fact that I messed the whole thing up, but how else would I learn? So on the next day, I did my second attempt. I really liked the warm hue of Realgar and I kinda wanted to put the spotlight on it this time ‘round.

Using the same brush which I had washed the night before, I made sure to dip it into Love Letter and Realgar (concentrating more on the latter) VERY very lightly this time, and to dust the excess powder off on the back on my hand before application. I didn’t feel like leaving my lid space empty just like Mariah did on her video, so I covered the entire lids using Realgar and the tiniest bit of Cyprus Umber. Mariah did create a flick using a liquid liner, but for this look I decided to line my eyes using a black powder eye shadow called Black from my LORAC Pro Palette. Very aptly named indeed.

For the cheeks and the temples, I used the smallest amount of Realgar and Love Letter and really diffused the whole thing. I did go back once or twice but always made sure to remove excess product on the back of my hand to avoid another episode of makeup fiasco. As for the cheek-highlight, I used Primavera this time because of it had warm golden undertone which did go well with the whole amber-hued vibe. Finally, I glided Charlotte Tilbury’s Bond Girl and I was quite surprised by how complimentary it looked with the rest of the makeup.

I definitely learned from my mistakes. The final look turned out to be SO much better than the previous one! I couldn’t be more happier. I looove love love the burnt orange/warm amber vibes. I personally think that the look was still edgy and editorial without being over the top, and dare I say, quite wearable!

There’s no denying that this palette is indeed an awesome one. Some of the colors are kinda ‘out there’ but the palette still gives you versatility to play around with the shades in more areas on your face rather just on your eyes, the pigmentation is just superb, and the blendability is amazing. If you’ve been thinking to get this palette for a while now, I say just get it!

I’m so inspired to create more creative makeup looks with this palette. Next up, I’m thinking to recreate a look based on a painting made in the Renaissance era. The look may also incorporate something shiny and blingy... keep your eyes peeled!

As always, photos were edited by my talented friend, @likahapsari.

Thursday, June 8, 2017

How Many "Sluggish" are There in This Post?

One of the (not many) YouTubers that I am subscribed to is Teni Panosian. A few weeks ago, she did a makeup tutorial video which incorporated a purple eye shadow from one of Natasha Denona Palette range. The look was so beautiful and seemed easily achieved, that I thought of recreating it someday. Well, that day did come and I finally recreated that look using whatever I had at my disposal. So, here’s a little back story and the breakdown on how I did my take on Teni’s makeup, sans the 26-dollar eyeshadow palette. And the Marc Jacobs Highliner Gel Eye Crayon in (Plum)age which costed a dollar less than aforementioned said palette -_-

It was the first day of Ramadan. I knew I was about to welcome another episode of That Time of The Month, so I was feeling sluggish, but I wanted to still do something productive. So I pulled up my makeup drawer and grabbed some stuffs out of it. I took out everything I could possibly need for the eyes and the lips, but I didn’t take out anything for the base, apart from a concealer and a powder, which I wouldn’t use on my face. Told ya, I was feeling rather sluggish.

I started off by priming my lids using the Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Eraser Treatment Makeup, which was the concealer. Then, I dust some of the RCMA No Color Powder along my crease to help the blend the makeup that I was gonna lay over it.

Apparently, my grim-looking LORAC Pro Palette got the shades that were close enough to dupe the ones that Teni used for that video. So I used Light Bronze, Gold, and Deep Purple on the lids, crease, and the outer corners respectively. I then glided The Balm Batter Up Eyeshadow Stick in Slugger (because I was feeling sluggish :p) along my top and bottom waterline as well as halfway along the lower lash line, more toward the outer part and create a reverse flick just like what Teni did. I have to say, I got a little carried away and my flicks turned longer than they should. As for the lower inner lash line, I put on Gold for a pop of... gold.

I also attempted to thicken the upper lashline using Slugger just a tiny bit. Then, I coated my lashes with the Double Wear Zero Smudge Lengthening Mascara by Estee Lauder, which I need to replace ASAP. Mascara-ed lashes really helped the look pulled together very very nicely!

Teni wore something nude and glossy and her lips. I didn’t quite have a nude lipstick, because 99% of  what I got were in the mauvey-pink family. But I did have a gloss that would work for this look, which was the Urban Decay Revolution High-Color Gloss in Liar. I forgot how great this lipgloss was.

Recreating this look turned out to be quite simple. I love Teni because she’s just so gorgeous and talented and it’s such a shame that her channel doesn’t get talked about much. She truly is a gem.

Speaking of hidden gems, who’s your current favorite beauty YouTuber? I’d like to know and maybe I’ll try to recreate some of their makeup looks, if I’m not feeling particularly sluggish... 

Thursday, June 1, 2017

Estee Lalonde

Around 3 years ago, I came across Essie Button’s channel on YouTube. Apparently, it was ran by a Canadian blogger living in England. My initial thought about this girl was that her physique was so darn beautiful. I immediately went through her old videos, including her monthly favorites from 2012 to 2013-ish. I fell in love with her Brand Focus series, in which she created a dedicated video discussing her favorite items from a makeup brand. I also loved her selection of songs featured on her videos; girl got great taste of music! Very indie, yet Scandi-ish. Very Essie Button indeed. I really love the online persona of this girl and so I decided to hit that subscribe button. Yes, I was very picky about whom I should be subscribed to. Also, she had a blog with the same name and I really liked the way she put her thoughts into words.

Then, something changed. She changed. Suddenly, the Essie Button was not the Essie Button. I felt like the direction she was taking was not really my cup of tea; she started talking less about makeup and more about other life-related stuff.  To be honest, there was a moment where I thought that she was barely a beauty blogger. Turned out that it was a part of her journey of self-growth, self-fulfillment, or self-whatever-it-might-be. And that journey involved changing the name of her channel/blog into her real name, which was Estee Lalonde, as well as getting a new hair look. So yeah, she changed.

Some of those changes, along with other facets of Estee Lalonde that I hadn’t known before, were documented inside this beautiful book written by the woman herself, titled ‘Bloom’. Very aptly named indeed. Besides talking about her life, she’s also covering other topics including travel, food, beauty (obviously), fashion, and people. Speaking of people, Amelia Liana was also featured in that section and I gotta admit that I did shed a tear when I was reading that part!

In the book, she also introduced us to a fact that she suffered from social anxiety and she’d been struggling with since such a young age. She invited us into another side of her that she never talked about online; her relationship with her father. Well, she didn’t talk about it too much though. But it was nice to know another thing or two about her ordeals in the offline world and to learn about her ways of dealing with them.

I have to say that I love love love the design of the book; the material of the cover, the colors that she chose to act as a categorization for each topic/chapter, the awesome never-before-seen photographs, how everything’s laid out... they are just so so aesthetically pleasing! I especially love the photograph of Aslan and Estee’s love letters that they sent out to each other when they hadn’t moved in together yet. They’re just so special.

If she published another book, I’d totally buy it. If she came to Indonesia, I’d be the first person to purchase the early bird tickets. Oh, now I sound like a crazy fangirl.

Huge thanks to my girlfriend, Sabila, for gifting me this book!

Thursday, April 27, 2017

Something with a Bling

Last week’s post was about Something Flowery. Now, I’m serving you ‘Something Blingy’. The inspiration behind this came when I was scrolling thru my Flipboard app -- on the Beauty section, obviously -- and found a picture of a girl, wearing the just the exceptionally ordinary makeup look, with what looked like small silver rhinestones sprinkled under her eyes and I just had to recreate that look someday. Well, that day finally came. So when I went to that one store in Pasar SuGi, I purchased some small rhinestones. I got the lilac-ish ones, the amber ones, and the one with this beautiful blue/purple shift to it. I also picked up some slightly larger ones in an emerald-ish green color. I didn’t have anything planned i mind, so I just chose whatever looked stunning to my eyes!

The face makeup was exactly the same as the one that I did for my previous post. To stick those rhinestones to my face, I used the same adhesive and I just have to say it again here that I frikkin’ hate the smell. Anyhoo, initially I was trying to mimic the positioning of the rhinestones seen on the inspiration picture, but apparently mine were bigger so I reckoned it wouldn’t be as cute. So, again, I just place everything randomly underneath the eyes, around the upper inner corners, and between the brows. And voila, I was embellished.

Ooh, I almost forgot. I didn’t want the face makeup to look exactly the same as my floral look, so I thought I’d make some changes on the lips. I felt that this look called for something glossy, so over the already existing Jouer Terra, I layered the Urban Decay High Revolution Gloss in Liar over it.

Then, I kinda wanted to see how it’d look if I put a red lip on, so entered the Kat Von D Everlasting Liquid Lipstick in Outlaw.

And again, I took about 45982 selfies afterwards. You didn’t get your face embellished everyday so why not maximize the use of your front-facing phone camera? Right? Right.

Thursday, April 20, 2017

Something Flowery

I live in a city called Jakarta and within it there’s this region called Rawamangun. It kinda holds a special place in my heart as I spent 9 years of my childhood going to one of the private schools in that area, which was the place where I met my bestest buddy and made the craziest memories. A few footsteps away from there is a traditional market called Pasar Sunan Giri or Pasar Sugi, as locals often call it. As far as I’m concerned, the market is not the place for you to peruse for groceries. I’d describe this place as the ‘house’ of tailors, garments, fabrics, textiles, and all that jazz, especially in the East Jakarta region. I went there last week to have my kebaya made for an upcoming wedding of another close friend of mine. Yup, Mama is gonna be a bridesmaid again. This time ‘round, she be dressin' in all pink! Also, there was this guy who sold Kue Ape, which I was holding myself from getting...

Anyways, while I was at the market I thought I’d also get some stuff that I needed for a couple of makeup looks I’d been meaning to recreate for ages, which were rather flowery and blingy. The first look was inspired by one of @harrymakesitup’s Instagram photo. She did a makeup on one of her models and glued some flower petals on the model’s face, which I thought was beautiful. I’d seen lots of makeup artists doing cool makeup looks on models, but this one was ‘the one’ that sorta clicked and made my creative juices flowing. So I tried looking for fake flower petals at the market, and discovered this store which sold all kinds of embellishments for garments and whatnot. I didn’t quite find what I was exactly looking for, so I just purchased some random fake flowers made out of clothing fabric. Because it was a market, everything in there was cheap as chips. Everything that I purchased was no more than IDR 50.000. So. Much. Win.

Recreating the look was easy. I just did my face as per normal, coated the back of each flower with a few strokes of my Dolly Wink Eyelash Fix Glue, and placed em randomly over my face. At the end, however, I felt that the look could be more editorial, so I just took a couple of hair strands, painted them with the same glue to give them a wet look, and placed em randomly across my face. I despised the scent of the lash glue (even thinking about the it makes me wanna vomit), but loved how the result turned out!

I felt that this look called for something bold on the lips like the Kat Von D Everlasting Liquid Lipstick in Outlaw. But in the end, I for I opted the Jouer Long-Wear Lip Creme Liquid in Terra, which was the complete opposite of Outlaw. I loved the look even more. Then, I took about 6679 of selfies. Classic.

My best friend Lika a.k.a. @likahapsari, whom I met in 4th grade, happens to be a graphic designer/illustrator at present time. So I asked her to help me edit the photos the way I wanted them to look like, which involves floral vines. She’s like the Dawn Lee to my Jenn Im. Just take a look at the images. Couldn't be more happier with the outcome.  

As for another makeup look which involved something blingy, I’m saving that up for my next blog post. Besides shopping for specific items for the said makeup looks, I also purchased a pair of va-va-voom falsies for just IDR 5.000 to recreate yet another makeup look that was inspired by dangdut singers. You can be inspired by anything, really...

I’m gonna pick up more stuff from that market and create more fun, “outta my comfort zone” makeup looks in later time. Oh, and I’m gonna get the Kue Ape for sure.

Thursday, April 13, 2017

A Little Crush on You

Blogging has made me gain so many things within the past year and a half; it’s helped me hone my writing skills, pushed my creativity in varying my contents, and allowed me to make new friends. The latter happens to be the category that Faizah a.k.a. The Nicest Person Ever falls into. A few weeks ago, she went to Jakarta along with a few beauty goodies she brought for me. Among those goodies was the Glossier Generation G Matte Lipstick in Crush. I had been meaning to pick something up from Glossier, but this brand was and still is such a pain in the butt to get hold of. So, thank you so much Faizah for the lipstick! Told ya, she’s the nicest person ev4hh.

I really like the brand because it’s such an indie brand (I believe it’s still an indie brand), and indie-ness often associated with something cool. And Glossier is cool indeed. The way they market their products is clever. There’s a reason why Glossier products are packaged within those sleek tubes, cute stickers that you can put all over the packaging, and the carton which you won’t throw away because the design is so darn adorable; so you can Instagram ‘em, swoon all the lasses and lads out there so they’d purchase a thing or two from the brand, and basically help the brand boost its sales. Oh, not to mention their products’ cute name. The Balm Dot Com? How ingenious is that?

Now, back into the real stuff. Packaging is a simple sleek white plastic tube. A lot of people may think this looks cheap, but I’m not one of those people. I’m someone who is easily brainwashed by clever, captivating marketing techniques. The color is what looks like a berry color to me; it’s pinky and a bit purple-y. It’s super sheer, yet super buildable. The texture is balm-like and it won’t dry down to a matte finish, which is quite confusing for something that claims to be a matte lip product, but is definitely not a huge deal-breaker, as it’s still really nice.

This would be good for a ‘no makeup’ makeup look. But even greater if worn along with Boy Brow and Cloud Paint. Oh the joy of living in a third world country...

Thursday, March 30, 2017

Not a Lolita, but Still is Bonita

If you’ve been an OG reader of this blog, then you’d know that the Kat Von D Tattoo Liner in Trooper is one of my holy grail makeup items. Looks like it’s also everyone’s favorite liquid liner, because it is that good. The Everlasting Liquid Lipsticks are also raved by many #LipstickHoarders out there. I had been wanting Lolita since forever, but I’d already got a disturbing amount of mauvey pink lipsticks. Besides, many people had been saying that the color of this Lolita was more gray-ish compared to the first batches ever of this shade, and I was not in the mood to look like a corpse. After I got my face made up by Adani’s magic hands, I had a thought of getting Double Dare, which was the prettiest warm pink that would be perfect for everyday wear. I then changed my mind because somehow, I somehow wated something that was not within the ‘MLBB, easy peasy, low-maintenance’ color scheme. Red had always been the color that would look great on anyone. So I went for it.

You see, red can be daunting for some people, because a lot of bold-colored lippies require high maintenance and are often associated with special ocassions, evening events, and all that jazz. Some of my close friends were once told that they look like they had just drunk blood because they were sportin’ bold lip colors. I’d say wear whatever you feel you look good in and comfortable wearing. Simply don’t give a fug about what those naysayers have to say :)

Mmmkay. Enough with the ramble. So yeah, I then did some research about which one to get; Outlaw or Underage Red? They looked like they were the same thing. But I ended up asking my gorgeous, gorgeous friend, Cica (whose hair I’ve admired since OBM days #BanggaJadiAnakUI) to pick up Outlaw for me instead of the other red.  

The liquid lipstick is packaged within this slim cylindrical tube. I really like the design of the cap, which looks like a rose ‘tattoo’ imprinted on it. The wand is quite long, which felt weird when I first used it, but I think I’m used to it now. The color is something that I would describe as a true, classic red that never goes out of style. You see what I did there?

The texture is thin, but by no means liquidy. It’s not moussey either, so I guess it’s somewhere in between those ends. It dries down to a nice matte finish that is never gonna dry your lips out. Once it sets, it’s not gonna accentuate your the lines on your lips and it’s not gonna ball up. It’s glorious.

The formula is transferproof. But once your lips come in contact with those greasy dishes, the color will transfer/removed. And by ‘removed’, I mean not as full on as how it looks after freshly applied on your lips. I wore it to 3 different occasions where I had the pleasure to devour lots of greasy meals. Those meals definitely remove some of the color from my lips and make them look butthole-ish, but in the most flattering way possible. The lipstick did feather just a tiny bit, but nothing a simple rub with a finger wouldn’t remove. Also, the color didn’t migrate all the way to my chin, which was awesome. Reapplication is also such a bliss with this one. Adding another layer won't cause any crumbliness or flakiness.

I have been wearing this number almost everyday since the day I got it. This is the most low-maintenance red lipstick that I have ever slap on my lips. Once again, Kat Von D proves that she makes one of the best cosmetic formulas in the market. She’s gonna release a new range of lip liners anytime soon, and I’m so getting one of ‘em. Or maybe three? Ah, Lolita's gonna be one of my picks for sure.